Warrior Poet Podcast- Zero Gravity Institute founder Kevin Johnson sits down with Aubrey Marcus, "Warrior Poet" and CEO of Onnit Labs to talk floating experiences, sensory deprivation, psychedelic medicine, and the future of floating as a powerful tool for developing human potential. (Recorded 10/23/13)

Not Just Paleo Podcast - Host Evan Brand and Zero Gravity Institute founder and CEO Kevin Johnson discuss the history of floating and Kevin’s introduction to sensory deprivation. The use of float tanks and how everyone fromAthletes, meditation enthusiasts, yoga experts and the average Joe will benefit from the tank. The future of the float tank industry and why everyone should be floating!(Recorded 10/2/13)

The Floatcast- Host Tom Wunk talks with Zero Gravity Institute's Kevin Johnsonabout his long history with floating, working in one of the first float centers and finding tanks wherever he could. 100 floats in 100 days is a fantastic way to start the new year! What is your earliest memory? I guarantee Kevin has one from a younger age. (Recorded 3/6/14)

Tangentially Speaking - Dr Chris Ryan PHD; Interviews Kevin Johnson CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Institute. Kevin invited us to a free float at the Zero Gravity Institute. It blew my mind—so much that I asked him to sit down and tell me his story. How's a guy become a float-tank guru? (Recorded 4/14/14)

Fat Burning Man On this weeks show we “dive in” to the hottest health craze that can help you reboot your brain, increase creativity, and let you tap into other states of consciousness. Kevin Johnson is the owner of Zero Gravity Institute, the float spa in Austin, Texas where I go for my weekly one-hour floats. (Recorded 5/22/14)

Dominate Stress (part1) - The internet has been a buzz about float tanks lately. What the heck are these float tanks? Should you care about these chambers that sound like claustrophobic nightmares? Kevin Johnson of the Zero Gravity Institute breaks down the whole process for us as well as what they do to mitigate stress, aid in recovery, promote detoxification and kickstart meditation. (Recorded 6/18/14)