Our Therapists

Our talented team of licensed massage therapists are each well rounded in several therapeutic modalities, bringing you a customized massage tailored to compliment your float experience. Our LMTs are passionate members of our float family, which makes them unique in that they are well versed in seamlessly integrating their skill sets with the float experience in mind. You may choose to receive a massage on it's own, before your float session, or after your float session. The choice to do a massage before or after a float is up to you- it is greatly beneficial either way. If this is your first time floating, we suggest trying your massage first, that way you are extra relaxed when it comes time to float.

 In order to respect our on-call therapist's schedules, please keep in mind that there will be a $25 cancellation fee for each massage reservation cancelled or rescheduled for another day within 24 hours, and a $50 fee for each no show. 


Katy Yount

Katy is a dedicated bodyworker with a passion for relieving the mental and physical stressors that people encounter in today's hectic lifestyles. She specializes in myo-fascial release, hot stone massage, swedish / relaxation, deep tissue / structural, sports therapy, trigger point, and prenatal massage techniques. Katy has been actively practicing since 2009 after graduating from The Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, TX. 

In addition to her work at Zero Gravity Institute, Katy also offers uniquely relaxing chair massages at business offices and special events such as health fairs, music festivals, art exhibits, and many other community oriented events. A musician herself, Katy has a deep and abiding interest in helping other musicians by reversing stress patterns developed by continuous repetitive muscle use.

In the caring and nurturing environment she creates, Katy uses her intuitive and thorough massage skills to leave clients feeling relaxed, grounded, detoxified, and in the perfect mindset to transition into a float session.



Debra Hollinshead

Debra brings in 16 years of experience practicing as a licensed massage therapist and reiki master. With a mix of deep tissue and stretching, or with relaxing Swedish techniques, her "Touch of Magic" massage will allow you to rejuvenate, relax, and recover- all the while helping you discover just how unique and special you are. Trained in shiatsu, she can help unlock the body's "gridlock", so you can get back to smooth sailing.

Since 1988, Debra has had the honor of working on local professional musicians, NFL players, business professionals, movie industry personnel, as well as Austin's housewives and their awesome families.

She annually works at and looks forward to Old Settler's Music Festival. Debra also has a strong background in nutrition and body care, with years of knowledge in macrobiotic principles and cooking. 

Debra is a firm believer in floating at Zero Gravity Institute, as well as Barton Springs. Stop in and restore yourself with her special gift of massage.