The future of floatation tanks is here

The new Generation II Zero Gravity Float Rooms are large, luxury scale, technologically advanced float rooms, designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of high traffic commercial floAtation centers, spas, resorts, athletic centers, or anywhere heavy use is anticipated.

The ZGI engineers are also float center operators with years of experience in the float industry. We understand the challenges of running a successful and profitable float business. We designed the new Gen II Float Rooms with your success in mind.


Larger Float Rooms = Larger Profits

Our extra large float rooms are a spacious 6 ft. wide, 8 ft. long and 7 ft. tall, eliminating one of the main concerns some potential customers may have about feeling too “closed in”.

This means you’ll have more customers eager to float and higher profits for your business.

Fully Automated Operation

Our float rooms are fully automated with a simple to use touch screen interface. The system features “one-touch” floatation sessions, programmable custom float settings, and computer monitored maintenance schedules that notify float
center operators when maintenance, filter changes, or UV bulb changes are required. Session progress and tank statistics are transmitted wirelessly to an iPad app for easy remote control and monitoring. The four speaker underwater sound system, integrated mp3 player, interior and exterior lighting systems, heating, H2O2 dosing and filtration cycles are all
controlled by the automation system- adding safety and professionalism to your operation.

State Of The Art Filtration

Zero Gravity Float Rooms utilize a state of the art filtration system for perfect crystal clear water. Utilizing a simple and elegant “3 stage” system featuring an ultra effective UV/Hydrogen Peroxide sterilization system, an easy top loading filter cartridge housing, and a quiet high capacity programmable pump.


No Dangerous Chemicals Or Ozone Are Used.

Maintenance and cleaning is quick and easy saving
you time and money.


Other Great Features

• High Tech sound dampening materials under the tank, in the walls and under the filtration system.

• Top heaters to eliminate condensation inside the float room.

• Ventilation system for fresh air exchange.

• Automatic Hydrogen Peroxide dosing.

• Remote operation via our custom iPad app.


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